Why is Online Education ?

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Online education programs can be classified into two categories:

  • Where students are not required to be physically present in a classroom or for exams.
  • Where the students are required to be present at a location for some reason including examinations. This type of model is referred to as a blended program.

Who can pursue Online Education

If you are seeking to pursue higher education, gain an additional degree or just want to pursue a program as a hobby or interest but unable to do so due to other professional or personal commitments then Online Education is the way to go. All distance learning programs must have a seal of approval from the University Grants Commission (UGC). Through the distance learning model, students or aspirants can pursue two programs simultaneously or a combination of distance and regular modes from the same or different Universities in the following combinations:

  • One Diploma and one Certificate course
  • Two Diplomas on different subjects
  • Two Certificate programs
  • Two PG Diplomas
  • A combination of Diploma and Certificate program
  • One Degree program and one Diploma/PG course
  • One PG Diploma and one Diploma/Certificate

Need and Importance of Online Education

Education for all : Unlike formal education, which has age-related barriers, Online Education transcends this hurdle. Anyone with the passion to learn can choose the program of their choice and start studying.
Accessibility : For those staying at far-flung places with the remote possibility of attending regular classes or formal education, Online Education will be a great platform to continue learning uninterrupted.
Add on Qualification : For many learners who seek to add additional certification but cannot afford to quit their job, this mode of education can help them gain the extra edge while continuing their careers.
Fast Track Career Graph : With add-on qualifications, one stand to fast track their promotion and thereby increasing career graph by leaps and bounds.
Flexibility : With Online Education, learners can benefit from choosing their time to study and appear for exams.
Freedom to Learn : Elaborating on the point mentioned above, Online Education means enhanced freedom to learn. Learners can pick a program that suits their schedules, resources, and teaching methodology. But this freedom needs to be reined in with a certain level of discipline and self-motivation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Online learning holds a lot of potential
  • From increased flexibility to new styles of delivering education, the future of online learning is set to connect learners and educators in diverse ways
  • The various career-oriented and industry-specific distance learning programs offered at NAMAN ACADEMY are designed to develop individuals professionally to think on their feet and challenge complex questions in their professional lives

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